Welcome Parents

  • FOCUS is the software program Brevard County uses for grade reporting.

    In order for parents to be able to create a new parent portal account to access their children’s grades, they must know their child’s Student ID number, their birthdate and a Personal Identification Number (PIN)


    The Title IX contact for Westside is Mrs. Williams.

Clinic Procedures

    • NO MEDICATION MAY BE CARRIED BY THE STUDENT ON A BUS, BACKPACK, OR IN THE CLASSROOM without prior approval from the principal or clinic nurse.
      • This applies to prescription and over the counter medication including cough drops.
    • Medication must be brought in by parent/guardian only. It must be dropped off between the hours of 7:45 a.m.- 2:45 p.m.
    • If you have any questions regarding your child's medical need while at school. Please contact our school nurse at 956-5050 Ext. 52882

Student AUP

  • Student safety and security is first and foremost. The district has implemented technology protection through software and hardware devices which monitor, block, and filter Internet access to visual displays and content that are obscene, pornographic, or harmful to minors. Nevertheless, parents/guardians are advised that determined users may be able gain access to information, communication and/or services on the Internet which the District has not authorized for educational purposes and/or which they and/or their parents/guardians may find inappropriate, offensive, objectionable or controversial. Parents/Guardians assume this risk by consenting to allow their students to participate in the use of the Internet. All students will by default have internet access unless the AUP Opt Out Form 7540.03 F1 is completed and signed.


  • In the interest of safety for everyone, all visitors, including parents with appointments, must report to the office to sign in on the computer and get a name tag. All visitors must wear a name tag while on campus. Parents may not interrupt class to deliver messages or belongings. Lunches, lunch money, homework, and changes in clothing must be brought to the office.

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