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    Dear Lockmar Students and Parents,

    Welcome to all the new (and recycled!) gifted students and their parents.  The school year will be exciting and educational.  I am very thankful to continue to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of gifted students.

    Gifted children NEED the intellectual stimulation of a gifted program with an enriched curriculum and learning environment such as ours. They benefit immensely from close association with a gifted and talented peer group. This allows for collaboration as well as friendly competition --- and they form lasting friendships with other kids who are like them.

    Students will spend this year being engaged in a variety of activities which will challenge them intellectually while allowing for small group interactions which will address their individual needs. Although they are advanced intellectually, gifted children are still children, emotionally and socially. They need a loving, nurturing, supportive atmosphere. Gifted students will be learning to effectively communicate on an advanced level using complex information and diverse concepts through group or individual presentations, using a variety of products such as PowerPoint, etc..

    Throughout the year, the students will learn to function in various leadership roles,  and to contribute effectively to the efforts of the the larger team or group.  Instruction will focus on many types of problem solving, including individual and group work, and will include studies in such areas as Mathematics, Science, & Social Studies; all of which require higher level thinking skills and ability to derive information from what they read!!  I encourage you to have your child read at least 20 minutes each evening – from both fiction and informational books. 

    Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for the Lockmar Gifted Student Program!!!


     Beverly T. McGinnis

    Gifted Student Program Teacher

    Lockmar Elementary School

    Duke TIP - Talent Search for Grades 4-6

    Duke TIP is a nonprofit organization devoted to meeting the academic and social needs of gifted students.  Our 4th-6th Grade Talent Search is the entry point for TIP benefits that can motivate gifted students to realize their full potential throughout their school years and beyond.  Eligibility for the talent search is an honor.  The program is open only to fourth, fifth, or sixth grade students who achieve a qualifying score at or above the 95th percentile on a recent grade-level test.

    Participants receive recognition and a variety of benefits to nurture their academic talent, including a unique online curricula, educational resources, access to research-based advice and more.  A major benefit is the opportuntion to take EXPLORE, an above-level test designated by ACT for eighth grade students.  Taking this optional test helps younger gifted students clarify their academic abilities and qualifies them to enroll in our 7th Grade Talent Search once they complete the sixth grade.

    Enrollment is Easy

    You can enroll in the talent search and register for the optional EXPLORE test online using a MasterCard or VISA.  The one-time $40 fee covers all benefits for the duration of the 4th-6th Grade Talent Search.  The EXPLORE test is an additional $37 paid at the time of EXPLORE registration.  Fee waivers are available, but you cannot enroll online.  Instead email 456talentsearch@tip.duke.edu to request a paper application.


    Duke University Webinars

    Duke TIP provides webinars and information sessions about many of our programs and benefits of participation.  Many of these, mainly for parents and educators, have been recorded and are for public listening and viewing at any time.




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