BUS RIDERS: Students are eligible for transportation if they live more than 2 miles from school. The distance is measured from where the home property meets the right-of-way to the nearest student entrance at the school building. The path measured is the shortest walking path, and this path may include sidewalks, unpaved walkways along the road (flat or not, mowed or not), sidewalks or paths that form short-cuts from a neighborhood to a school, etc. In most cases, this measurement will be shorter than the distance a car would drive from home to school.


    The BPS school district does not receive funds for students who live less than 2 miles from the school. To assist families that are concerned about having their child walk, we have a fee-based transportation option they can apply for. For more information click: Fee-Based Transportation Stay connected to monitor your child’s bus information (track your child on the bus, get notifications about changes, etc.) by downloading the MyReaXium App on the App Store or Google Play. For more information click: ReaXium Parent Information


    CAR RIDERS : Be sure to follow the Palm Bay PD & City of Palm Bay's designated Parent Car Loop Route and Guidelines (Do NOT enter the car loop from Minton Rd. This is for buses, daycare vans and school staff)


    Morning Drop Off Information: Students can only be dropped off in the right lane of the car loop on the sidewalk immediately in front of the school. Do not drop students off in the left lane of the car loop or in the parking lot. Please pull all the way forward to the car in front of you before letting them out of the car. Students can NOT be on campus or out of their vehicles until 7:30AM sharp.


    Afternoon Pick Up Information: Have the car tag issued hanging from your rearview mirror to help keep the line moving quickly. Once your child is safely in your vehicle, take the car tag down so the person directing traffic knows you are set to go.


    BIKERS or WALKERS: All students who will bike or walk home must have a Severe Weather Form signed and on file at the school. This must be updated every year. The form states what the student will do in case of severe weather that would not allow them to bike/walk home. Please note: Only students in 1st through 6th grade can be bikers or walkers, UNLESS they have an older sibling who currently attends Christa McAuliffe. In this case, we must have a handwritten, signed note stating the name of the child that will pick the Kindergarten student up from their classroom to walk home. It will also need to state how the Kindergarten student will go home if the older sibling is not at school.


    SCHOOL AFTER CARE PROGRAM and PRIVATE DAYCARE: McAuliffe has a before and after-school program on campus called Brevard After School (BAS). To get more information about this program click: Brevard After School

    Many local day care providers drop off and pick up students at our school as well. To find out which facilities provide this service, you will need to contact them directly to make arrangements.