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    Early Admission Update: Due to campus closures and the latest order from the Governor’s office, Early Admission Packet documents must be emailed as attachments to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator at — that includes these three documents:

    1. Early Admission Application with essays;
    2. Student/Parent Agreement; and
    3. The 2020/2021 Early Admission Eligibility Evaluation that was completed by the counselor.   

    We will evaluate the applications as they are received and notify students via their titan email of their acceptance status.  Their school will also be notified.

    We have been able to pick up and process early admission application packets that were mailed (via snail-mail)and arrived in the Melbourne campus mailroom this week. Beginning next week, however, we are not allowed on campus so this will no longer be possible. Due to campus closure, processing mailed application packets may be delayed.

    Early admission information has been updated on the website, Below is the link.

    Online Dual Enrollment Orientation Update:  An online Dual Enrollment Orientation is being developed. Once it goes live, students will be able to complete the orientation online and the registration holds on their record will be lifted.  The information will be on the website. Both first-time collegiate and regular dual enrollment will complete the same online orientation.

    College Credit Placement Testing Update: The college is working on a plan for offering remote, virtual college credit placement testing/retesting. The information will be available on the EFSC testing website once the plan is finalized.

    Academic Testing/Course Exams Update:  EFSC Spring courses have transitioned to online instruction.  If an instructor requires a proctored exam, students should contact their instructor for additional direction. The College has contracted with the third-party test proctoring service, ProctorU, for the Spring Term to offer testing for the face-to-face courses that moved online at a flat fee of $8, for a limit of up to two hours each test.  

    Dual Enrollment Registration Process Update:  EFSC advisors will send students an email confirming that the student’s registration has been completed, however, they will not be able to type into each student’s confirmation email the specific course information due to time constraints. High school counselors will receive a list of students and the courses that they are registered into a week before classes begin. It will include course title, meeting times, CRN etc.  Students will be able to go into their myEFSC portal and check their schedule.


Guidance Counselors


    952-5900 ext. 25527
    Director of Guidance 
    AP Testing 
    Academic Awards
    952-5900 ext. 25523
    Class of 2021
    Bright Futures Contact
    952-5900 ext. 25525
    Class of 2022
    Dual Enrollment/Collegiate High School Contact
    Linda Finney
    952-5900 ext. 25526
     Class of 2023
    504 Contact
    952-5900 ext. 25524
    Class of 2024
    ESOL Contact
    952-5900 ext. 25529
    Hospital Homebound Contact
    952-5900 ext. 25528
    ESE Contact
    952-5900 ext. 25532
    Social Worker
    Students in Transition Contact
    952-5900 ext. 25679
    GSP /Testing Coordinator

    Guidance Staff

    952-5900 ext. 25507
    Guidance Data Clerk
    952-5900 ext. 25505
    Guidance Clerk
    952-5900 ext. 25506
    Guidance Clerk