• Heritage High School Cambridge Program

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  • What is the Cambridge Program?

    The Advanced International Certificate of Education program (AICE)

    is an accelerated program of academic study offered through

    the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE),

    a division of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England.


    The AICE program and curriculum is overseen by the

    University of Cambridge, an institution consistently ranked as one

    of the top 5 academic universities in the world. It consists of a flexible,

    learner-centered curriculum, which is offered worldwide at school and

    colleges in over 160 countries. Cambridge has been setting global

    curriculum standards through their examinations for over 150 years.


    AICE features courses designed specifically to prepare for advanced degree

    programs. It encourages rigorous standards and provides a foundation

    for confident, responsible, and engaged students; all qualities that are

    essential at the college and university level.The Cambridge program at

    Heritage High School is divided into two categories:


    Pre-AICE courses IGCSE

    AICE courses for College Credit!


    Please check this website on a regular basis to get updates on the

    Cambridge Program and information on upcoming events! If you

    have any questions, please contact one of our program coordinators

    Mr. Richards (richards.brandon@brevardschools.org)


    Mrs. Lovera (lovera.mariuschka@brevardschools.org) 




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