• Welcome to Our Art Class

    Dancing Pencils

     Christina DeLorey, Art Teacher


    Research shows that art education increases student engagement.  In fact, students who take art classes have higher overall GPAs than those who don't, and they are four times more likely to be recognized for academic performance.  Art helps close the achievement gap, especially for children from low-income backgrounds, ELLs and special-needs students.

    The mission of our Visual Arts Class is to foster life-long learning through the arts.
    Students will learn the skills that will help them become productive,
    expressive members of our diverse global society.

    Our visual arts curriculum is centered on a Discipline Based Art philosophy in which students study historical and social aspects of art: gaining a deeper understanding of self, others and the world around them.  Students will experiment with many types of art media and techniques.  The exploration of the process of art making will give students a forum to express their ideas and feelings in acceptable ways.  Higher order thinking and problem-solving skills build our students' self-esteem and awareness, and prepares them for future careers and college.