• Discovery Music Clubs Information


    CHORUS: The Chorus has two levels – Upper elementary grades 4 – 6, and Lower elementary grades 2 – 3. Chorus music club helps to develop the students’ singing voice and collaborative skills.  The Chorus music club meets three times a week (Mondays Before School, Wednesdays After School and Fridays Before School).


    ORFF ENSEMBLE:  The Orff Ensemble Club is open to students from grades 3 – 5 and is geared towards giving students the opportunity to develop skills in playing the recorder, xylophone, drums, and auxiliary percussion.  Orff Ensemble music club meets twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays After School).


    GUITAR/UKULELE:  The Guitar Ukulele Club is open to students from grades 4 – 6. Students will develop the skill of accompaniment by playing the guitar or ukulele.  The Guitar/Ukulele Club meets twice a week (Tuesdays After School, Thursdays Before School).


    Each club is limited to 30 students per group.  Questions? Reach out to Mr. Nkwa  nkwa.kingsley@brevardschools.org