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    Welcome to the Virtural JMS Media Center!!!


  • If you are looking for something to read,

    check out the Want to Read? Look Here page. 



    If you are looking for somethign to do,

    check out the Want to Learn Something New page. 



    Both pages contain links for you to keep reading and learning. I look foward to hearing about all you've learned when we see each other again. 

  • Quarentine Reads Challenge!


    It's important to keep reading over break. To help motivate you, we are starting the Quarentine Reads Challenge! Regular participants will be invited to a celebretory lunch when we return. Unlike our 20 Book Challenge...all reading counts: print books, e-books, audiobooks, books read aloud on Youtube, news articles...it all counts. Just log your reading everytime you read something new.

    Read as much as you can and log your reading here. See the Quarentine Reads Challenge page for more information. 



Degrees and Certifications:

Heather Mason

Ms. Mason has been a teacher for over 20 years, the first 17 as a Language Arts teacher, and the rest as a media specialst. She loves to read, likes playing games and is always eager to learn something new. If you have any questions, stop by the media center. She may not know the answer, but she knows how to find answers...and she'll teach you how to find them, too. 

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