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    JMS offers four classes:

    Art 1; Semester 1 & 2

    Advanced Art; Yearlong

    Yearbook; Yearlong


    2019-2020 Art Shows, Exhibits & Awards: 

    Please congratulate the following students for being selected for the 300 Wing Display here at JMS:

    Keira Kracsun
    Aniya Stringer
    Dolores Rosmond
    Chloe Morgan
    Kayla Welch
    Quinn Payne
    Caitlin O’Connor
    Chase Pouirer
    Danica Nielsen
    Brooke King
    Gabi Elek

    Please congratulate Natalie for winning a Merit Award for the Strawbridge Young Artist Exhibition:

    Natalie Phan "Down in the City"
    Thomas Jefferson Middle

    Natalie Phan as well as Zoey Beskow, Audrey Collings, Emma Costanilla, Gabi Elek, Scarlett Frattin, Brooke King, Chloe Morgan, Danica Nelsen, Quinn Payne, Brieanna Pease, Courtney Paulk and Chase Poirier.

    Please congratulate the following students who had artwork selected for the Mall Art Show:
    Olivia Hanson
    Mia Woods
    Monroe Castle
    Heather Ives
    Asher Anderson
    Robert Ricks
    Scarlett Fratin
    Zoey Beskow
    Courtney Paulk
    Cordelia Case
    Audry Collings
    Emma Costanilla