• Mrs. Slack is South Lake's Teacher Librarian.

    'Mrs. Slack comes to South Lake with 14 years of Librarian experience and 10 years of classroom experience.

    Mrs. Slack was the recpient of the "Florida Power Library School" award. She also is a "Discovery Star" teacher, Held National Board Certified Teacher in Library Media. Mrs. Slack has been the repcient of many grants; Lowe's Toolbox, Donor's Choose and local BPS grants.

    Mrs. Slack serves on the district Media Specilast leadership team. She serves as a mentor to new librarians, leads professional development and serves as Assistant President to the Brevard Association of Media Education.

    Mrs. Slack will implement a library program with two areas of focus: Reading and Makerspace. Reading, providing opportunities for to students to read a vairety of text while creating a strong foundation for the love and value of reading. Makerspace providing a hands-on creative ways to design, experiment, invent, explore, tinker, create, communicate, collaborate, and crticial thinking.

    Mrs. Slack has an open door policy and welcomes volunteers and guest.