Page Updated Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021.



    Next E-Learning class will be Friday, March 26th, 2021 and Monday March 29th.

    No Zoom Room for both days.  Go to the Google Classroom for assignment.




    910-950 5th grade                                               

    955-1035 2nd grade                                             

    1040-1120 6th grade                                            

    1125-1205 4th grade                                            

    1240-120 1st grade                                              

    125-205 Kindergarten                                           

    210-250 3rd grade   


    PE Activity Early Release Friday Schedule - VERY IMPORTANT FOR E-LEARNERS - Different times for all classes.

    905-935 5th grade

    940-1010 Kindergarten

    1015-1045 2nd grade

    1050-1120 4th grade

    1225-1255 1st grade

    100-130 3rd grade

    135-205 6th grade


    PE class will be once a week for face to face learning. Please see your homeroom teacher for the rotating schedule. PE class will NOT be on the same day of the week.  PE will take place on and or near the hardtop area.  You MUST bring a water bottle to school that you can also bring to PE for hydration.  You MUST bring your mask to PE class in case there is an emergency and we need to seek shelter in a classroom.  Please wear appropriate shoes for being outside.  



    Please ask your homeroom teacher for the rotating schedule. The PE lesson will be posted in individual grade Google classrooms labeled PE WMSS.  A one time access code will be required to add the appropriate PE Google Classroom to a student account.  After that, a student will have the PE class in the individual Google Classroom account for quick and easy weekly access.  Teachers will be supplied with the access code to pass out to students when school starts. The Google Classroom also should be in FOCUS, if you have access to FOCUS at this time.    


    ZOOM may be used to communicate during PE class.  There is a link for students to click to join me in the PE ZOOM room at the beginning of each class. This link is located in the PE Google Classroom.  I may not use PE ZOOM on some days, but the link is there just in case.  


    ZOOM recommendations for PE - have the camera turned on at all times.  Mute the microphone most of the time.  Do not post comments in the comment section.  Having a background screen would be ideal so that other students do not see distractions moving behind in the screen.  If that is not possible, sit so that the camera is facing a wall in your house as the background.  


    Only log in to the ZOOM link when it is your class assigned PE time.  Otherwise, I will not have the meeting open for you to be admitted.  


    Class assignments are ungraded but need to completed.  In the Google Classroom, click classroom, click view assignments, click MARK AS DONE button.  Also, please post a comment in the private chat section which will complete the weekly assignment and send me an email for attendance purposes.


    Thank you