• Welcome to the 'Virtual Art Department' of Saturn Elementary!

  • Hello!!! I am still here working behind the scenes to provide Visual Art Education. We're in this together and my intent is to provide engaging lessons/activities/videos/books/tours and other resources to make learning about art fun. 

    To the right, I have updated my contact information. Please feel free to reach out, say hi, ask questions, and provide pics of you/your art so that I may post in our gallery. In the meantime, be sure to continue signing on to FOCUS.

    During your activity time of the day, be sure to use Saturn's Activity Page. You can find it in several places, in your resource tab on FOCUS, in your LaunchPad (Saturn Activities) or HERE. On the activity page you will find pictures of each activity. Click on the activity of your choice for the day, the link will take you to that week's lesson. The page will update every Sunday and be good for the following week. Be sure to fill our your Activity Log by every Friday!

    When you click on the art picture you will be directed to an Instructional Plan page for the week listing several things:

    Davis Digital (your online art book) in which you will be assigned a page(s)

    Lessons by grade (K-2, 3-6)

    Resources (videos, virtual tours)

    In addition, watch for me to add links under the art picture, you will be taken to extras I have personally made for you :)

     Be sure to send me your pics!! Stay safe, stay well, and have fun with the art lessons, videos and resources. Sincerely- Ms. A


Ms A in her Happy Place...

Ms A in her Happy Place
  • Tracey L. Lawrence Asby
    Visual Arts Teacher
    Saturn Elementary School
    880 Range Rd.
    Cocoa, FL 32926

    Phone: 321.307.8148
    Email: asby.tracey@brevardschools.org

  • Goals and Philosophy

    Saturn adopts Brevard County’s Fine Arts Goals:

    Curriculum - to promote the concept that the arts are an essential part of life, integral in the development of the whole person, and a vital component for the advancement of civilization. Quality of life is improved by physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth, self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperation, creativity, and self-motivation necessary for success both in school and in life. As part of a rigorous curriculum, skills, and technical qualities involved in creating, recreating, and interpreting works in the fine arts provide for lifelong appreciation and learning about the arts.

    Program - to contribute to society, celebrate culture, develop natural talent, and address the needs and energies of our students.


    Saturn’s Art Department philosophy is to enrich students’ lives intellectually and emotionally through the arts. Through participation in art, students will develop 21st century skills, make connections to everyday life, and enhance critical thinking and interpretation as well as problem solving skills while developing an awareness for history, community and citizenship.