About Dove Bible Club
  • Families,

    DOVE Bible Club will begin their monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of the month with the exception of January due to the Winter Break schedule.  We meet in Mrs. Pahl’s classroom, Room 403 from 3:40-4:40.  Children should bring their Bibles.  Mrs. Pierce is our parent volunteer.  Once we know of your interest, she’ll request snacks and small bottled waters as well as craft items.  Please understand that food is not considered for volunteer hours.  The dates we meet are:

    October 9th

    November 13th

    December 11th

    January 15th (3rd Tuesday)

    February 12th

    March 12th

    April 9th

    May 14th



    Kay Pahl, Sponsor

    Second Grade

    West Melbourne School for Science