• The RLS Makerspace is temporarily closed. Stay tuned for re-opening information.


    The RLS Makerspace allows students to use a variety of resources to design, develop, code, and construct.  Students at RLS use creativity and critical thinking skills to solve STEM problems while using 21st skills and technology.  Student engagement and learning thrives when students engineer their own creative designs using a variety of materials and resources. Our makerspace has a variety of high and low tech resources that allow them to develop the knowledge and skills that they will need for their future success.



  • Makerspace Resources:

    • Drones
    • Coding
    • STEM Challenges
    • 3D Printers/3D Design 
    • 3D Doodler Pens
    • Robotics
    • Ozobots
    • Dash and Dot
    • Marble Mazes
    • Lego Boards
    • Lego Challenges
    • Squishy Circuits
    • Paper Circuits
    • Sewing Circuits
    • Bloxels Video Game Design
    • Sphero
    • Makey Makey
    • Solar Ovens
    • Soldering
    • Arduino 
    • Solar Engineering Design Challenges
    • Snap Circuits
    • Green Screen Animation
    • Stop/Go Animation
    • Little Bits