Beta Club

Beta Club Logo
  • Sponsor: Ms. Jennifer Staton

    Meeting: Wednesday, PH-B

  • BETA is an honor society; members must maintain a 3.0 GPA and be of excellent character. 


    BETA is also a service organization promoting and assisting with at least four projects a school year.  Previous service projects include a toy drive, a book drive, collection of hygiene kits for the homeless, assistance to a women’s shelter, and an annual food drive in conjunction with the Jr. Honor Society.


    Members of the BETA Club believe in and strive to promote the principles of: 

    • Honesty: We know that honesty is necessary to the formation of good character, and that the principles of honesty dictate that we not only refrain from acts of dishonesty; but that we perform our duties fully and take advantage of the opportunities afforded by circumstances.


    • Justice: We believe that it is only right and proper that we should be just and fair in our dealings with our fellow-beings; and that we should consider all factors before forming an opinion of another’s motives, or before passing judgment.


    • Service: Being convinced that the rendering of helpful service to our fellow-beings is a duty and privilege, we can attain lasting satisfaction only by rendering such service to the best of our ability.


    • Cooperation: Knowing that we must work closely and in a friendly manner with others, we must show respect and strive at all times to be dependable. 


    • Responsibility: We believe that full happiness is possible only through full acceptance of responsibility for our actions.


    • Industriousness: If we are to be a factor for progress in our community and a real help to others – our minds must be alert and our hands must be ready to perform tasks.


    • Humility: Humbleness of spirit is the only proper attitude in order for us to maintain our relations with our associates.


    • Charity: We are tolerant in our appraisal of the ideas of others; generous in the use of our worldly assets; considerate of the rights of others; courteous in our actions toward all alike; gentle in our efforts to correct errors in others.