Enrichment Over Summer Break

    Be sure to check out the resources in the resource link section of the page. Duke's TIP Advanced Learning Labs will be releasing 3 more weeks of activities.

    You may also want to check out the Mesa for Kid's Excellence in reading program https://www.mensaforkids.org/achieve/excellence-in-reading/

    I look forward to seeing you next school year, have a great break!

    Mrs. Monroe



    Butterfly Collage card

    Week 8 

    Project options this week include collage art, reflecting on boredom and super awesome Advanced Learning Labs from Duke's TIP program and the NC Dept. of Education. Each Advanced Learning Lab features ELA, SS, Science, mindfulness, field studies and more. They'll be published weekly for 7 weeks and began May 1st, for grades K - 12! 


    Happy Learning!


    We're now in Week 7 - This week we will be working on creative writing and binding our writing in "book" format - either tunnel or accordion books and a building project based on grade level. Thanks to those students who sent in your recycled tower building pictures and videos! Resources this week (see links) include EduHam at Home and The Lion King Experience. Both feature free access to curriculum - EduHam's focus is on primary documents, how they were used in writing Hamilton, writing and performance. The Lion King focuses on all aspects of a musical production and includes video links, challenges and other material. 

    Happy Writing!

    Welcome to Week 6! This week the emphasis will be on creative thinking and hands on projects. Please see the Google classes for newest optional assignments. Projects will use minimal supplies, substitutions are O.K. If your student signed up and began using, any feedback on Renzulli Learning will be appreciated.

    Happy Thinking & Building!


    Welcome to Week 5, I am continuing to post optional weekly enrichment lessons to the Google classes and update the GSP page of the RLS website. I love to see finished student work, please continue to share!

     Renzulli Learning online. I have signed up for a free teacher trial which lasts until August. The program provides vetted, online enrichment options, customized for each student based on their self-reported interests and learning styles. If you are interested in utilizing this option for your child, go to http://renzullilearning.com/ and click on the “New User” link, students will be asked to enter the access code and their personal information. The code to sign up is 1996-4587

      Have a great week!

     We're now in Week 4 of learning at home! I am excited to share that FPS (Future Problem Solving) has launched a free 10 week course on their own Youtube channel with activites designed to promote critical and creative thinking https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE5GVqf5evAl6Uz2ciI9d1Q please check it out. Please remember to share your completed projects and assignments with me - I love seeing your finished work!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Week 3 is underway! I learned about a cool volunteer at home project through the Library of Congress, which I'm excited to share. The project is called "By the People" and there are three options open to the public - transcribing, reviewing and tagging documents with keywords. See https://crowd.loc.gov/ for more info. As in the first two weeks, I've continued to add optional enrichment activities to the Google class pages. 

    Have a super week!

     Welcome to Week 2! I am continuing to add to the resources/links on the right side of the page as I find interesting enrichment items. I am adding to our Google Claseses too, plan to post on Sundays.  As  more posts are added, the "stream" gets long. Please scroll down through the stream to see my weekly enrichment options. P.S. The muffins were tasty! Be sure to check out the BSP Elementary Gifted website too https://sites.google.com/view/brevard-county-elementary-gsp/home?authuser=1

    Have a great week everyone!

    GSP Distance Learning Update

    Beginning Monday, March 30, 2020 I will be posting OPTIONAL weekly enrichment assignments and opportunities for our gifted students. These will be posted to their general education teacher's Google Classrooms.  I have also pushed out the BPS Elementary Gifted app to students' "My Backpack" on Launchpad. There are many resources to check out, please take a look.

    Please stay healthy, I look forward to seeing our students in person again!

    I am available via email  monroe.jennifer@brevardschools.org

    My "office hours" are Monday - Friday 9:00 - 12:00 

    I will be contacting parents regarding upcoming meetings as more information becomes available.

    Mangroves ready to go to the MRC


    This picture doesn't show them all, but we had a car load of mangroves for the Marine Resources Council! The mangroves (red, black) were sprouted from seeds collected during our October walking field trip to Kelly Park. The 4th grade students lovingly cared for the mangroves for months, and we are very happy they'll be going to their new home at the MRC until they are ready to be transplanted. Mangroves play an important role in our local Indian River Lagoon (IRL) environment - they help prevent erosion, filter water, and provide habitats for wildlife. Please check out the Marine Resources Council (MRC) website for more information on the IRL and how you can help keep it healthy. See https://savetheirl.org/



    Water Cycle


    End of Quarter 1 Gifted Update              

    As we wrap up the first quarter, I wanted to share information about projects and progress of our gifted students. I am looking forward to continuing our work in the second quarter!

    Second graders have been focused on deductive reasoning skills, creative thinking skills, and building vocabulary. Ask your student about their own word ladder!

    In third grade, we have been working on many butterfly related projects, including building the perfect flower, creating a comic showing metamorphosis, and creating a butterfly for the bulletin board. We have worked on reasoning skills, communication skills and building “Spool Racers”.

     3rd Graders building Spool Racers

    In fourth grade, the Mangrove project is well under way. We enjoyed the field trip to Kelly Park and a visit from the Marine Resources Council (MRC). There are now three types of mangroves sprouting and growing. We hope to be able to return the mangroves to the MRC later in the year. Next week, we will begin working on a long-term 3-D printing project using Tinkercad.

    In fifth grade, gifted students created narrative science comics to show the stages of the water cycle, while developing a drop of water as a character. We have also been working on a map infographic to show geographic features, native animals, and climate of regions of the U.S. Our next project will be a student chosen focus area of Mayan culture.

    Sixth graders have started their long-term projects! We have four groups working on: recycling, butterflies, Jr. Solar Sprint – a small solar powered vehicle, and the Stock Market Game. Groups are making progress and learning to set goals, maintain records, conduct research, collaborate, reflect and give feedback.

    - Mrs. Monroe


  • 2019- 2020 Schedule

    5th Grade - Mondays

    2nd Grade - Tuesdays

    6th Grade - Thursdays

    3th Grade - Wednesdays

    4th Grade - Fridays


    R.L. Stevenson offers a gifted program featuring a “push-in” program with “pull-out” time. This “push-in” means that during scheduled GSP days I will be working with gifted students to provide enrichment in the regular classroom vs. having students leave the classroom to work with me during "pull out" time.

    I am available via email at monroe.jennifer@brevardschools.org or phone at 321-454-3550 x5511.  I am excited to begin another great year of working with your amazing children!

    This is my 6th year teaching at R.L. Stevenson, and my first year full time in the Gifted position. In addition to a Gifted Endorsement, I hold teaching certifications in the areas of Elementary Education K-6, Media Specialist, ESE, and ESOL.

    Mrs. Monroe