• ** To support students/parents, this section of the RHS website is devoted to communicating and clarifying information about attendance policies and procedures. Please review this information carefully before contacting the school with attendance-related questions. If you still have questions, please reference the appropriate contact information below. **

    Attendance - Defined

    School attendance is the actual presence of a student at school or away from school if participating in a qualifying educational activity that aligns with the approved instructional program.

    Regular Attendance and Consistent Punctuality is Mandatory

    • Missing class or entering class late can result in students falling behind academically.
    • Parents/guardians and students themselves are primarily responsible for ensuring students attend school regularly and make it to classes on time daily.
    • State law requires that parents/guardians ensure their child is attending school on a regular basis.


    What Counts as an EXCUSED absence?

    • The absence types listed below are considered excused. These do not count toward absence totals considered for failure due to absences:
    • Court dates with documentation (i.e., copy of court order).
    • Illness with medical documentation (i.e., official doctor note for each absence).
    • Chronic and extended illnesses (requires the submission of a Chronic Health Form in advance of any absences accrued).
    • Religious holidays.

    For an absence to be considered excused, official documentation must be submitted to the school in a timely manner. Failure to report and explain the absence(s) in a timely manner shall automatically result in unexcused absence(s). At a minimum, this documentation should be provided a week before the end of each semester.


    What is “Failure Due to Absences”?

    • Failure due to absences means that a student will receive an “FA” (i.e., Failure due to Absences) in place any grades of a D or better. As it is more beneficial for a student to have an F rather than an FA, if a student failing due to absences received an F in the course, the student will keep the F instead of being assigned the FA.
    • BPS Board Policy 5200 states: A student who is absent more than nine (9) days within a semester will NOT receive a passing grade for the semester in accordance with Florida statute unless absences are approved by an Attendance Appeal Committee.


    Attendance Appeal Committee Overview

    • The Attendance Appeal Committee is comprised of at least one administrator, one guidance counselor, one teacher, and a social worker.
    • Students at risk of failing due to excessive absences (i.e., more than 9 days within a regular semester) have the right to submit an attendance appeal.
    • The Attendance Appeal Committee meets within 1 week of the end of each semester to review submitted attendance appeal applications.
    • Attendance appeals must be submitted by each semester’s stated deadline. Appeals submitted after each semester’s deadline cannot be considered.
    • Students with excessive absences who DO submit an attendance appeal allow the Attendance Appeal Committee to carefully review and discuss any legitimate extenuating circumstances prior to making a determination about whether students will fail a course(s) due to absences.
    • Students with excessive absences who do NOT submit an attendance appeal are at risk of automatically failing a course(s) due to absences.


    How to Submit an Attendance Appeal


    • Attendance Appeals are completed for the 2023-2024 school year. 
    • For the 2023-2024 school year follow these general guidelines to submit an attendance appeal
      • Be aware of announcements which come out toward the last couple of weeks of each semester.
      • Reference the school website and morning announcements for information.
      • When announcements about attendance appeals are made, click the link provided to submit a digital appeal.
      • Be sure to submit the attendance appeal by the stated deadline.
      • Wait for the Attendance Appeal Committee to review your appeal, which typically occurs within 1 week of each semester's end.
      • You will be notified via e-mail when the Attendance Appeal Committee has made a determination.


    Excessive Absences Should NEVER Surprise Parents/Guardians or Students

    • Attendance information has never been more readily accessible for parents/guardians and students. Therefore, excessive absences should never be a surprise.
    • The school makes every effort to communicate attendance information in good faith.
    • Every absence also results in automatic phone calls to the primary number on file for parents/guardians. Note: It is always the responsibility of parents/guardians to provide the school with the most updated contact information.
    • Absences are documented in FOCUS daily, and FOCUS is accessible 24/7.
    • Administration makes weekly morning announcements regarding attendance expectations.
    • The principal’s weekly newsletter (The Raider Report) includes regular attendance reminders.


    Attendance Questions/Concerns Contact Ladder

    1. Attendance Office to address general attendance questions/concerns.

    a. Mrs. Laura Rivera, Attendance Clerk

    2. Your child’s classroom teacher(s) if questions about specific days your child was marked absent.

    3. Your child’s cohort guidance counselor.

    a. ESE Counselor – Ms. Jennifer Gerry

    b. 9th grade (c/o 2027) – Ms. Juwana Dixon

    c. 10th grade (c/o 2026) – Ms. Laura Baffa

    d. 11th grade (c/o 2025) – Ms. Theresa Grant

    e. 12th grade (c/o 2024) – Ms. Gail Larson

    4. The Dean’s Office

    a. Mrs. Cheryl Carter, Dean’s Clerk (general attendance questions)

    b. Ms. Sarah Perry, Assistant Principal (If your child’s last name starts with A-I)

    c. Ms. Ashley Cross, Assistant Principal (If your child’s last name starts with J-Z)

    5. The Principal’s Office

    a. Mrs. Heather Spinneweber, School Secretary

    b. Mr. Burt Clark, Principal


    For further information regarding attendance policies set forth by the school district, please visit the Attendance section of the Brevard Public Schools website at https://www.brevardschools.org/Page/4930.

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