• Students interested in part time dual enrollment or collegiate high school MUST have attended the informational session OR viewed the recorded session linked above (link will be posted after inital presentation on 2/11/2021).

    Students interested in part time dual enrollment or collegiate high school need to complete the Student Interest Form linked to the right, due date is 2/18/2021. (UPDATE: we reopened this link for this week only.  DEADLINE is March 5th, no exceptions can be made after this date for testing at MHS)

    The end of the Student Interest Form will provide you with the link to register for the Pert Test.  If you plan to test on the Melbourne High School campus you MUST complete both forms, Student Interest Form AND PERT Registration.

    We will have a round 2 of the PERT test and retest opportunity in April.  Complete the Student Interest Form linked to the right to register for this test session.  The DEADLINE to register for this April test session is March 5th.  No exceptions or more test dates will be accommodated.

  • Dual Enrollment is an accelerated program designed to allow students to earn college credit while in high school tuition free.  Students must meet the following eligibility requirements to participate in dual enrollment: Qualifing unweighted cumlative GPA, qualifing test scores, complete an EFSC application, and attend a dual enrollment orientation at EFSC.  Students interested in dual enrollment should meet with their high school counselor.

    There are four types of EFSC dual enrollment available to students:

    1. Part time dual enrollment

    • Students can take 1 - 3 college classes as part of thier 7 period day
    • Students can work towards a degree or take individual classes to transfer to a university

    2. Collegiate High School

    • Students are invited 2nd semester of freshmen year based on thier GPA, attendance, and discipline records.  
    • This program tracks students for the purpose of graduating high school and earning thier AA degree at the same time.

    3. Early Admissions

    • Full Time college student senior year. 
    • Application required spring of junior year.
    • Cannot take any high school classes while participating in Early Admissions (on campus or virtually)
    • Can particiapte in sports, clubs, or any extra curricular activities at the high school

    4. Full Time dual enrollment

    • Full time college student 2nd semester of senior year.
    • All high school graduation requirements must be completed


    Dual Enrollment with Florida Institute of Technology

    BPS students can also dual enroll with Florida Institute of Technology.  Click below for details:

    FIT Dual Enrollment Information