• ELO - Educational Location Option - Melbourne High School is a frozen school so this application will not be available at MHS.

    EPO - Educational Program Opportunity - Out of area students can apply to a program at Melbourne High School.

    • Melbourne High School offers two program options for out of area students:
      1. International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB-DP)
      2. International Career Program (IB-CP) - choose a career path from the list below
        • Air Force JROTC
        • Applied Engineering
        • Building Construction
        • Culinary Arts
        • Digital Design
        • Emergency Medical Responder
        • International Business
        • Patient Care Assistant
        • Web Development
          • out of area students applying to any of the above career paths will be admitted to Melbourne High School through the International Career Programme and expected to meet all Career Programme requirements - click on IB Career Academy to the left for more specific information about the programme

    Apply and Find Detailed Information Here - Brevard Public Schools Equity, Innovation, and Choice

    General Instructions about the Application Process

    • Starting January 8th click on the blue Family Dashboard tile and create a Family Dashboard account
      • Create parent information first, then log back in and create your student's information - this will lead to the program application
    • You will be charged a $30 non-refundable application fee for each application you complete
    • Application status will be communicated through the Family Dashboard
    • All EPO applications must be renewed annually



    Jan 8 - Feb 8: Secondary ELO/EPO - NEW & RENEWAL Applications Open for Grades 7 - 12

    Feb 14: Lottery held for Secondary Schools

    Feb 21: ELO/EPO Notification Released on the Family Dashboard

    March 1: Deadline to accept/decline seat for Secondary ELO/EPO

    March 8: IB Diploma Program Notification Released on the Family Dashboard

    March 12: Deadline to accept/decline seat for IB Diploma Program

    March 25 - Jul 19: Choice Schools & Secondary ELO/EPO - Waitlist Application Opens