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  • MAY 11 

    * Happy Birthday to Irving Berlin!  He was born May 11, 1888.  He is considered one of the greatest songwriters in American history.Here is a clip of one of his most famous songs “Blue Skies” sung by Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers. is more about Irving Berlin -


    MAY 12

    * Here is a trio of Mexican singers called “Las Tres Grandes” (The Three Greats) singing a song called “Cantares”(You Will Sing) you understand any Spanish words they sang?  Why do you think their group is called “The Three Greats”?


    MAY 13

    * This group is called “The Percussion Show”.  Their performance definitely gets toes tapping and hands clapping. did they make use of the rests in their performance?  What elements of body percussion did you like the best? 


    MAY 14* The flowers are blooming and the bees are buzzing.Check out the United States Army Field Band and this performance of “The Trombone Meets the Bumblebee”. changed during the performance?  How did the soloist respond?


    MAY 15*The Sasa is a training dance from Samoa.  It is designed to help the dancer imitate everyday chores and job. you join in their choreography?  What household job do you think this sasa was practicing


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