Printing Services

  • Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality printing services to Brevard Public Schools.

    Getting Started

    Submit a finished file for us to print from or bring us an idea as to what you want and we can turn it into a professional looking product.  Then, submit a Printing Services Printing Requisition, which is available through Printing Services.  It is very important that a complete accounting string and ‘Date Needed’, as well as contact information, be on each printing requisition.  Specify quantities, color of ink, number of pages, paper type, if typesetting is required, and if you would like your printed material to be bound or finished in any way.

    A Printing Requisition must be completed before your job will be printed.

    Customer Service

    All Brevard Public Schools employees that use Printing Services are our customers. We strive to complete every project accurately, on time and to your satisfaction.  Please feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns at any time.


    Copyright infringement is punishable by fine/imprisonment:

    Federal  law prohibits unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted material.  It is YOUR obligation to ensure material requested for reproduction is not copyrighted or that your use of copyrighted work does not constitute copyright infringement.