Applying for AVID and/or Science Research

  • Students currently enrolled (2018-2019 school year) in AVID and/or Science Research 
    DO NOT need to use these forms to be in the same program next year.
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    If you are interested in AVID and/or Science Research, please complete this general application, then return to this page and complete the specific program application(s) below. 

    Please Fill Out ➨ Initial Special Program Application

    Applications are still being accepted. 

    *Note: If you are returning to this page, please only fill out the AVID and/or Science Research application once.

    After filling out the AVID and/or Science Research Application, then return to this page to fulfill the program specific requirements below for each of the programs. 

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  • AVID is designed to prepare students for success in high school, college, and a career, especially students traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

    The program provides interested students with an opportunity to acquire skills and concepts essential to academic, social and personal success in a global society. Students will learn and practice new skills in writing, critical thinking, collaboration, organization and reading. 

    Course requirements include learning and taking Cornell notes, participating in collaborative tutorials, utilizing organization tools and techniques, and participating in Socratic seminars and philosophical chair discussions to gain deeper a understanding of complex text. 

    Additional Application Requirements

    Required Forms, Contracts, Agreements
    Completely answer all questions, then submit these 3 sections in the online form linked below:
    1.  AVID Contract
    2.  Student Questionnaire
    3.  Parent Questionnaire

    Click Here for the AVID Program Application

    Please contact Mrs. Grabowski, AVID Program Coordinator,

    if you have any questions or difficulties filling out this form: 

Science Research

  • Science Research is designed for the motivated, creative, and inquisitive science student. 

    The program provides students with an opportunity to acquire skills and concepts inherent in the science research experience. The students will experience science through original research. Students will practice scientific thinking and learn scientific processes, which will prepare them to meet their educational and career goals. 

    Course requirements include writing a formal research proposal and final research paper, conducting experimental research, performing a statistical analysis of experimental data, oral presentations and participating in various science competitions.

    Additional Application Requirements

    Required Student Essay

    1.  Include a header with the student’s full name, grade level and student number (if known).
    2.  Maximum of 500 typed words, double-spaced, 12 pt with 1” margins.
    3.  Select one of the following topics to write about:
            * Explain why you would like to enroll in science research at Stone Magnet Middle School.
            * Describe a science or engineering project you have completed in the past.
            * Explain your career plans.

    You may include other supporting documents such as science fair awards. 

    Complete and submit the essay as an email attachment to Mr. Regan at: