Future Educators Academy

  • If you are compassionate, creative, a leader, or like teaching and sharing ideas and knowledge, then the teaching academy is the place for you! The skills you will learn and the experiences you will have throughout your service projects and internships will benefit you in careers not just in a classroom but in all educational settings. Coaching, counseling, activities director, school administration, pediatrics, and social work are just a few examples of career choices a student may wish to pursue.

    Our academy offers:

    • project-based learning
    • field trips to educational settings for hands-on experience in a variety of educational experiences*
    • numerous guest speakers 
    • leadership opportunities
    • attendance at conferences, workshops, and competitions*
    • scholarship opportunities
    • industry certification

    *Due to COVID safety precautions some activities and opportunities are not currently being offered.

    Our courses include Introduction to the Teaching Profession, Human Growth and Development, Curriculum and Instruction, and Principles of Teaching Internship. Observations, volunteer opportunities, and internships are built into the curriculum.




    Please contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.

    Mrs. Jennifer Laham

    Academy Director