Area 3: Natural Science

  • A.A. Biological Science requirements

    A.A. Physical Science requirements


    Students will select either Plan A or Plan B to complete the 7 credit hours required for an A.A. degree.  Most Dual Enrollment students select plan A, unless they are going into a science field.  Keep in mind that Chemistry and Physics courses at EFSC generally have prerequisites that must be met prior to taking the course.  Some of the other physical science courses, such as Meteorology or Geology, have limited offerings each semester (or may not be offered at all).

    Fundamentals of Biology will allow a student to get credit for a biological science course.  However, General Biology is the prerequiste for all higher level Biology courses.  Students who plan to study biology or a related field (or are unsure about their major) should take General Biology.

    The only other course on the list which can be taken without General Biology as the prerequisite is Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology.

Cambridge (AICE) Equivalencies:

  • AICE Biology (AS Level)

  • AICE Biology (A Level)

  • AICE Environmental Management (AS Level)

  • AICE Marine Science (AS Level)

  • AICE Marine Science (A Level)

  • AICE Chemistry (AS Level)

  • AICE Chemistry (A Level)

  • AICE Physics (A Level)

Important Documents