Area 4: Humanities

  • A.A. Humanities requirements


    Students must complete one course from each list (6 credit hours) to earn their A.A. degree.  Students should consider which course best fits their personal interests.  Take note that Introducation to Literature will provide 1 full year of English credit towards high school graduation.  Cambridge students who are planning to also get their A.A. should consider this option for completing their final English requirement, as it will also provide the Humanities credit towards their A.A.

    World Religions is a very popular course among Dual Enrollment students.  Students should exercise caution when selecting this course, however, as very few students have mild feelings about it afterward. (They either "LOVE IT!" or "HATE IT!") If the course description does not sound interesting, there are many other options to choose from.

    Art History and Criticism Survey 1 & 2 require Composition 1 as a prerequisite.

Cambridge (AICE) Equivalencies:

  • AICE English Literature (A Level)

  • AICE Thinking Skills (AS Level)

Important Documents