Area 5: Social/Behavioral Science

  • A.A. Social & Behavioral Science requirements

    A.A. Social/Behavioral Science requirements


    Students must complete 3 courses in Social/Behavioral Science (one from each list) to earn their A.A. degree.  All course on lists 1 & 2 are also on list 3, along with two additional courses... Principles of Economics and Community Involvement.

    Students who take U.S. History for high school graduation credit must take both AMH 2010 & AMH 2020.  This would fulfill lists 2 & 3.  Students entering a behavioral science field will typically take General Psychology and Intro to Sociology, fulfilling lists 1 & 2.

    American National Government and Principles of Economics will provide 1/2 credit each towards high school graduation requirements.  Students earning their A.A. must also demonstrate Civic Literacy by completing either AMH 2020 or American National Government. These are the only two courses currently offered at EFSC that will meet this requirement.

Cambridge (AICE) Equivalencies:

  • AICE Psychology (AS Level)

  • AICE Sociology (AS or A Level)

  • AICE U.S. History (AS Level)

  • AICE U.S. History (A Level)

  • AICE European History (AS Level)

  • AICE European History (A Level)

  • AICE Global Perspectives (AS Level)

Important Documents