Electives, Foreign Language & Civic Literacy:

  • A.A. Elective requirements


    Students earning their A.A. degree must complete two years at the high school or two semesters at the college of a sequential foreign language.  Students may take American Sign Language to meet this reqirement.  Keep in mind that college language courses move at a fast pace and cover a full year of high school content in one semester.

    Civic Literacy can be met by successful completion of the following coursework at EFSC (grade of "C" or higher) or the following college credit examinations:

    • POS 2041 American National Government
    • AMH 2020 U.S. History since 1877 
    • AP Government and Politics: United States - Score of 3 or higher
    • AP United States History - Score of 4 or higher
    • CLEP American Government - Score of 50 or higher


    AICE Examination credit will not fulfill the Civic Literacy requirement, even if the student's exam grade results in credit for POS 2041 or AMH 2020.  Only the exams listed above will fulfill this requirement.

    Elective coursework should be chosen to meet the preqrequistes of a student's intended major at their 4-year university. Information can be found in the Common Program Prerequisite Manual for Florida public universities.

Cambridge (AICE) Equivalencies:

  • AICE Art & Design (AS Level)

  • AICE Art & Design (A Level)

  • AICE Business Studies (AS Level)

  • AICE Business Studies (A Level)

  • AICE General Paper (AS Level)

  • AICE Music (AS Level)

  • AICE Physics (AS Level)

  • AICE Psychology (A Level)

  • AICE Spanish (A Level)

  • AICE Spanish Language (AS Level)

  • AICE Spanish Literature (AS Level)

  • AICE Thinking Skills (A Level)

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