• BVS Course Offerings

    Courses are subject to change.

  • Mathematics

    Middle School Level:

    MJ Math Grade 6 (reg/adv)

    MJ Math Grade 7 (reg/adv)

    MJ Pre-Algebra - Grade 8

    High School Level:

    Algebra 1 (reg/hon)

    Algebra 2 (reg/hon)

    Geometry (reg/hon)

    Liberal Arts Math 1

    Math for College Readiness

    Pre-Calculus Honors




  • Social Studies

    Middle School Level:

    MJ World History - Grade 6 (reg/adv)

    MJ Civics - Grade 7 (reg/adv)

    MJ US History - Grade 8 (reg/adv)

    MJ Intensive Reading (FT students only)

    High School Level:

    Economics with Financial Literacy (reg/hon)

    United States Government (reg/hon)

    United States History (reg/hon)

    World History (reg/hon)

    Law Studies

    Personal Financial Literacy (reg/hon)


  • English/Language Arts

    Middle School Level:

    MJ Lang Arts 1 - Grade 6 (reg/adv)

    MJ Lang Arts 2 - Grade 7 (reg/adv)

    MJ Lang Arts 3 - Grade 8 (reg/adv)

    MJ Intensive Reading (FT students only)

    High School Level:

    English 1 (reg/hon)

    English 2 (reg/hon)

    English 3 (reg/hon)

    English 4 (reg/hon)

    Intensive Reading




  • Health/Physical Education Electives

    Middle School Level:

    MJ Comprehensive PE - Grade 7

    MJ Comprehensive PE - Grade 8

    MJ Fitness - Grade 6

    High School Level:

    Fitness Lifestyle Design


    Life Management

    Outdoor Education

    Personal Fitness

    World Languages

    Middle School Level:

    MJ Spanish Beginning

    High School Level:

    French 1

    French 2

    Spanish 1

    Spanish 2

  • Science

    Middle School Level:

    MJ Comp Science 1 - Grade 6 (reg/adv)

    MJ Comp Science 2 - Grade 7 (reg/adv)

    MJ Comp Science 3 - Grade 8 (reg/adv)

    High School Level:

    Anatomy & Physiology (reg/hon)

    Biology (reg/hon)

    Chemistry (reg/hon)

    Earth-Space Science (reg/hon)

    Forensic Science

    Marine Science (reg/hon)

    Physical Science (reg/hon)

    Physics (reg/hon)

  • Electives

    Middle School Level:

    MJ Business Keyboarding

    MJ Career Research & Decision Making

    MJ Creative Photography

    MJ Critical Thinking, Problem Solving & Learning Strategies

    MJ Peer Counseling 1

    High School Level: 

    Career Research & Decision Making

    Creative Photography

    Critical Thinking  Study Skills

    Digital Information Technology

    Driver Education

    Leadership Skills Development

    Peer Counseling 1

    Peer Counseling 2

    Personal Financial Literacy (CTE)

    Social Media

    Theatre, Cinema & Film Production

  • Brevard Virtual School is a franchise of Florida Virtual School.  We utilize the same online platform and curriculum, taught by BVS teachers.  To find descriptions of each courses, click here.  Additional course tours and sample lessons can be found by clicking here.  If BVS does not offer a course, students may take the course with FLVS, if academically appropriate.

  • Elementary Course Offerings

    Mathematics K-5

    Language Arts K-5

    Science K-5

    Social Studies K-5

    Computer Science K-5

    Physical Education K-5

    Art K-5