Withdrawing from a Dual Enrollment Course at EFSC

  • Withdrawing from college coursework can have a negative impact on a student's academic record, outside of simply impacting their GPA.  Rules set in place by the Florida Board of Governors limit the numbers of attempts a student can make to complete any specific course, as well as the total number of hours attempted to complete a degree.

    In addition, Dual Enrollment students must consider the limited options available to them when withdrawing after the add/drop period. Due to missing vital class time, students will most likely be placed in a virtual off-campus class and be required to sign up for a course through BVS/FLVS.  Multiple withdrawals within a single semester (or back-to-back semesters) may result in ineligibility for Dual Enrollment for at least one regular school term (fall or spring) and may prevent a student from earning their intended degree.

    IMPORTANT: Dual Enrollment students may NOT retake a withdrawn course through Dual Enrollment.  They may choose to retake the course through ECCO (Early College Credit Option) and pay for the tuition out-of-pocket.  However, any grade earned will only appear on their college transcript.  Their high school transcript will reflect a grade of W.

    Students requesting to withdraw from a course must demonstrate that they have made an effort to successfully pass the course.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:

    1. Email the course instructor for guidance, clarification, extra credit, etc.
    2. Contact the Learning Lab/Writing Lab for tutoring assistance.
    3. Seek out and work with other students who are taking the same course.
    4. Complete and turn in all assignments and tests.*


    Historically, Rockledge High School students have been successful in passing their college courses after seeking assistance from the Learning Lab.  EFSC tutors have taken the classes themselves and are typically familiar with both the coursework and instructors.  Many times, withdrawal is not necessary. Students should seek assistance as early as possible to avoid falling behind in class.  Early intervention can often raise a student up at least two letter grades.

    Use the links on this page to access the various tutoring services available at EFSC. 


    *Students wanting to withdraw, after making their best effort to pass a course, must contact the Dual Enrollment counselor for further assistance. Students may be required to schedule a parent meeting prior to withdrawing.

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