• As a law enforcement agency, the Office of District and School Security is committed to creating and maintaining a safe, secure, and productive learning environment for all Brevard Public Schools students, staff, and visitors. Our team provides customer service to 86 public schools, 3 alternative schools, 9 charter schools and is the liaison between the District and the 13 law enforcement agencies in Brevard County. The Office of District and School Security conducts Level II background screenings as mandated by Florida State Statute 1012.32, to include the electronic fingerprinting and processing of all current employees, new hires, and all volunteers in Brevard County Public Schools. 

    The Office of District and School Security also works to capture the fingerprints of all contractors working on Brevard Public Schools property as mandated in the Jessica Lunsford Act - Florida State Statute 1012.468. Additionally, our office partners with the offices of Environmental Health & Safety Team and Community Relations to further ensure the privacy and safety of all students and staff.



    Office Hours:

    (Fingerprinting and Badging)
    Monday through Friday
    8:00 am to 4:30 pm 


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