• Exceptional Student Education

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  • Brevard Public Schools: Reopening Plan 

     eLearning for Students in Exceptional Student Education

    Students with an IEP or a 504 plan who select the eLearning model will continue to receive accommodations, services and, appropriate supports based on their individual plan. The eLearning option for students will be a mirror of the brick and mortar setting and instruction will follow the same curriculum and pacing as it would if the students were face to face in a classroom.

    Students in ESE Following General Education Standards

    • Students will follow grade level or course curriculum with applicable accommodations.
    • ESE teachers will provide direct services and/or supports in collaboration with the content area teacher. 

    Students in ESE Following Access Points Standards

    • Instructional materials may be provided through a variety of formats (online/PDF) for students on access points and in BLAST (Unique, TouchMath, etc). 


    ESE teachers will work with the general education teacher to provide scaffolding and specially designed instruction so that progress toward IEP goals continue and gaps in learning are closed. Students will have the opportunity to fully engage in live instruction with the teachers to work on mastery of grade level curriculum and IEP goals specific to the students’ needs. Activities and independent work will be provided throughout the day to focus on students’ academic and social personal growth. 

    Students with Related Services on their IEP

    • Related and other ESE services may be provided through a variety of formats based on individual student need.
    • Virtual therapy sessions will be scheduled for students participating in the eLearning model; these sessions will occur as part of a student’s daily or weekly schedule just as if the student were in the brick and mortar setting.

    Preschoolers in Exceptional Student Education

    Participation in Prekindergarten programs is voluntary.  Per Florida Law (Section 1003.21, Florida Statutes), school attendance only becomes compulsory once a child is going to turn six (6) by February 1 of the school year.  For the 2020-21 school year, PreK VE classroom instruction will be offered in the brick and mortar setting or a virtual eLearning option based on student’s individual needs and IEP services.  PreK Blended classroom instruction will be offered in brick and mortar.