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Professional Custodial Certification Training

The primary goal of this program is to have the custodians understand that they play a vital role in achieving the main school mission of educating students.  With good custodial care the custodians support this mission by providing and maintaining a safe, sanitary, healthy and clean learning environment. Good custodial care also promotes pride in the school, it’s staff and the community, keeps the costs of building care down and increases the professional reputation of all custodians.  This course provides the fundamental skills that all custodians need for their profession.  The courses in this program are arranged by specific tasks with lecture instruction supported by the FSPMA/DOE instructional manuals.  Videotapes/CD, overhead presentations, power point presentations and handouts are used as a supplement to this training. Instructors encourage class participation during the lectures and will be providing “hands-on” or on-the-job training to all participants in the program.   Every effort is made to show the latest in techniques and technology to allow them to work more efficiently and effectively to all custodial standards.  



  • Go to the Brevard School Board website:
    School Board

  • Click on Staff then PRO GOE 
  • Click on the link to your “area of interest”. 
  • View training by month. 
  • Copy/paste the Section number, so you can register on PRO GOE.  

The Professional Custodial Certification Training - Course # 15672 

Master Custodial Leadership Skills - Course # 14975