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ESFC Students Taking Summer Classes



In order to get your required materials for your summer classes, you'll need to follow these directions:


After you have registered for summer classes at EFSC:

 1. Log into myEFSC and Select EFSC Titan Web > Student Services > Registration > Student Detail Schedule or Student Schedule > summer 2020 

2. Choose File>Print 

3. Change the print destination to > Save as PDF 

4. Save the PDF of your summer schedule as your name (ie. John Smith) 5. Send this schedule to Mrs. Spivey at

6.  In addition to the schedule, in the body of the email include BOTH your B number AND the address you'll be at should any print materials need to be shipped to you (hopefully most items will be digital).

7.  You'll receive an email back from Mrs. Spivey when your order is complete.  She will let you know whether or not to expect items in the mail, in your email, or through Canvas if you have First Day courses that require you to OPT IN.