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Helping You Prepare For Kindergarten

Helping Your Prepare For Kindergarten

Just a few tips to help you and your child have a wonderful Kindergarten year.

  1. Read, Read, Read… The best way you can prepare your child to be a reader at this age is to read books to them often.  


  1. Prepare your child to be independent. Work on skills such as putting the straw in
    1. a juice pouch, zipping up a jacket, tying shoes, washing hands, putting toys away, holding and using scissors correctly (remember thumbs up when holding scissors).


  1. Read your child’s planner daily. The planner is a great way to communicate with your child’s teacher. Please make all transportation changes in writing.


  1. Practice writing his or her name, letters of the alphabet, and/or sight words in a fun way. Use a paintbrush and water on the sidewalk, a stick in the sand, a finger in shaving cream, playdough, or a fun pencil or crayons and paper.


  1. Practice Math:
  • Start with five objects that can be counted (cubes, blocks, matchbox cars, marshmallows, etc.). Make as many combinations of 5 as you can (1 and 4, 2 and 3, etc.). Increase to 10 objects.
  • Roll dice (1 or 2) and build a tower with that many blocks
  • Compare two sets of objects (which has more objects?)
  • Measure things around the house with objects (“this pencil is 5 marshmallows long”)
  • Roll two dice and count how many all together
  • Roll two dice. Hide one die under your hand. Tell your child the total of both dice and show them the other die. Have your child figure out the value of the hidden die.



6.Play dough- build things and have fun. Playdough is great for fine motor skills and creativity