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Required Mental Health Instruction


Good day Wildcats,


As we approach Spring Break, I wanted to update you on the remaining Mental Health Instruction we will be delivering to your children as required by the State of Florida. While most of the content is delivered in the Small Learning Community (homeroom) setting, we still have one topic, Suicide Awareness/ Prevention of Suicide, that will be given in a Grade Level assembly format with Grades 7 and 8 together, 9 and 10 together, and 11 and 12 together.  Our guidance counselors will use a video resource that was created by Brevard County Schools to present that information.  Students will be provided with a method for letting a counselor know if they want to talk after the program and we will have counselors available. The remaining schedule is as follows:


March 6 - Lesson 7 – Community and School Resources (7-12)

March 13 - Lesson 8 – Substance Use and Abuse Prevention (7-8); How to Support Friends, Peers, and Family Members Facing Mental Illness (9-12)

Spring Break

March 25 – Lesson 9 – Suicide Awareness/Prevention of Suicide Assembly (2nd Per. 7-8) (3rd Per. 9-10) (4th Per. 11-12)

March 27 - Lesson 10 – Stigmas of Mental Illness, Coping Skills (7-8); Maintaining Positive Mental Health: Resilience and Coping (9-12)


Wishing you a wonderful day,


Glenn Webb

West Shore Jr./Sr. High School

Assistant Principal

321-242-4730 x1011