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2021-2022 West Shore COVID Mitigation Plan

Dear Wildcat Students and families ~


First, I hope you have all enjoyed a restful and relaxing summer (it was certainly most deserved!).  I want to thank you for your patience as you await an update regarding West Shore’s 2021-2022 COVID mitigation strategies.  I understand that we all have mixed feelings and have our own personal perspectives of how we should move forward as a school community.  Nevertheless, the faculty and staff at West Shore are working hard to ensure the safety of our students while allowing them to partake in all the activities that make our school a very special place!


Covid Mitigation Strategies – these were shared at the BPS School Board on July 29, 2021:


Without question, education is at the forefront of some difficult conversations locally, and at the state and national level.  Nevertheless, and at the most current updates, here is what we are doing at West Shore:


  • We will return to a 7-period day (to include Power Hour for lunch) with the addition of multiple tables/benches outside where students can eat
  • Various classrooms will be open during Power Hour for students to obtain additional support for academics while they eat lunch (every teacher will have 2 office hour sessions per week for 30 minutes each session)
  • Face coverings will be optional for all students and staff at this time (and every personal choice will be respected)
  • Face coverings are available in every classroom as well as high traffic areas (cafeteria, front office, media center) for students to use if they wish
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are fully operational along the hallways
  • We will continue to use misting machines to disinfect areas daily
  • The Attendance office will continue with its reconfiguration to maintain distancing during check-in/check-out procedures
  • The Installation of plexi-glass and plastic products in certain areas – students may use a plexi-glass barrier at their desk should they choose
  • Water fountains will continue to be restricted to the filling of water bottles
  • The West Shore clinic will operate as it did in 2020-2021 (to allow for the separation of students)
  • Locker rooms will be fully accessible and cleaned regularly, and students will have an assigned PE locker.
  • Processes and procedures for contact tracing are available (flow charts attached)
  • Teachers will work with students who are quarantined to ensure students receive meaningful and robust instruction
  • Student devices will be available to students at home on a case-by-case basis should quarantines occur
  • Class meetings and events will be limited (maximum one grade level at a time)


Parents – please continue to monitor you child’s health every morning before school.  If your child is not feeling well, please keep them home.


Our school nurse, Ms. O’Connor, will be on campus and available on Monday, August 9th, from 8:30am – 2:30pm, for any parent to bring in medication for their student prior to the start of school.


Note: please note that our processes are subject to change based on district and state policies, procedures and guidelines.


Covid Flow Charts