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Re-Enrollment Information for 2023-24

Enrollment (registration) has changed for the school year 2023-24. If your child is currently enrolled at Gemini Elementary, you can begin the re-enrollment process now. Re-enrollment for returning students will be completed online through Focus. Log onto your Focus parent portal and follow the instructions below to re-enroll your child. Be advised that you will upload any necessary documents, such as proof of residency, directly into Focus. The student enrollment will be completed each year digitally on focus to capture the most up to date information. You will use the parent portal if any changes need to be made throughout the year.


A parent portal account is required to complete the online re-enrollment process. If you need to establish a Focus parent portal account, contact Tiffani Reynolds at 321-727-3090 X45005.  Also, please contact Tiffani for questions regarding online re-enrollment. 

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