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Bargaining Update - March 12, 2019


Brevard Public Schools, teachers’ union return to negotiations


VIERA, Florida – Brevard Public Schools and the Brevard Federation of Teachers will return to the negotiating table, Wednesday March 13. The teachers’ union declared an impasse in December after rejecting BPS’ last offer for salary increases and district-paid bonuses.


BPS and the BFT will discuss workplace conditions, including letting employees share sick time and planning time for teachers and counselors. A bargaining session has been set for Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. at BPS headquarters, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera. 


BPS Superintendent Mark Mullins and staff briefed the school board Tuesday about a possible timeline for retroactive pay raises and bonuses that could be paid by May 31. That timeline assumes the two sides tentatively agree to terms soon, and teachers vote to ratify the contract, so that the school board can vote to approve a contract by late April.


The last pay offer by the school district:


  • BPS offered to pay a nonrecurring district bonus of $1,000 to the approximately 5,000 employees covered by the BFT contract. New teachers would be eligible for the bonus, but teachers who earned an “unsatisfactory” rating on their most recent evaluation would not.


  • BPS offered to give an annual salary increase of $770 to instructional employees rated “highly effective” on their most recent annual performance evaluations. For a highly effective teacher earning today’s median BPS teacher’s salary, base pay would increase from $45,798 to $46,568.


  • For teachers rated “effective,” BPS offered a base salary increase of $540.


If the impasse continues, BPS and the union will take their case to a special magistrate on April 23. The magistrate will make a non-binding recommendation to the Brevard County School Board, which will make a final determination.