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Bargaining Update - March 13, 2019

BPS, teachers’ union tentatively agree to contract changes


VIERA, Florida – Brevard Public Schools and the Brevard Federation of Teachers returned to the negotiating table Wednesday March 13.  Although they remain at impasse over pay raises, the school district and teachers’ union tentatively agreed on several contract changes. These proposed changes must be approved in votes by teachers and the school board:


TEACHER PROTECTION:  A teacher will have the right to deny a referred student re-entry to class for up to 45 minutes from the time of the incident if the teacher requests a conference with an administrator. If a teacher invokes this right, the administrator must hold a conference with the teacher within three days.


EARLY RELEASE DAYS:  Principals shall not schedule school-based professional development on more than six early release Fridays per year, and on no more than three Fridays per semester. Principals will post their professional-development calendars during pre-planning.


PROTECTED PREP TIMES:  Of teachers’ five preparation times per week, three will be treated as “no meeting zones.” The exception will be if meetings are scheduled at teachers’ request or are mandated by state or federal law.


SICK-LEAVE TRANSFER:  A teacher may transfer up to eight hours of sick leave to another teacher who has exhausted his or her own sick leave. The recipient must need at least five sick days to participate and provide documentation by the treating physician of the illness, accident or injury. The donor employee must have a minimum of five sick days in order to participate.


Bargaining on workplace conditions is expected to continue after Spring Break. 


Meanwhile, BPS and the BFT remain scheduled to take their case, including pay and bonus issues, to a special magistrate on April 23. The magistrate will make a non-binding recommendation to the Brevard County School Board.