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Bargaining Update - March 27, 2018

BPS, teachers’ union tentatively agree to contract changes affecting counselors, degree supplements, grievances


VIERA, Florida – Brevard Public Schools and the Brevard Federation of Teachers returned to the negotiating table Wednesday March 27.  Although they remain at impasse over pay raises, the school district and teachers’ union tentatively agreed on contract changes to be voted on later by teachers and the school board:


COUNSELOR PLANNING: Guidance counselors will be paid for eight uninterrupted hours of planning and preparation time before their schools’ pre-planning days begin. 


ADVANCED-DEGREE SUPPLEMENTS: For teachers hired after July 2011, an advanced degree will be deemed to be held in the teacher’s area of certification if:

  • The official transcript from an accredited university has been submitted directly to the district on letterhead and in a sealed envelope.
  • The transcript clearly and specifically indicates a major, concentration or specialization in the teacher’s certification subject (e.g., mathematics, English, Elementary Education).

Once documentation is provided and verified, the teacher will begin receiving the supplement pay from the date of verification forward. Payment will not begin until the verification process has been completed. No retroactive payments will be made.


GRIEVANCES: A representative of the union shall have the right to be present and speak at any formal grievance meeting. In the processing of grievances, teachers will have the right to represent themselves or to hire outside representation. The outcome of a grievance in which BFT did not participate will not create a precedent.


Next, BPS and the BFT are scheduled to make their cases on pay issues to a special magistrate on April 23. The magistrate will make a non-binding recommendation to the Brevard County School Board.