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Brevard Public Schools, teachers’ union tentatively agree on contract for 2019-2020

Oct. 3, 2019


VIERA, Florida – Brevard Public Schools and the Brevard Federation of Teachers agreed Thursday to several improvements in work conditions, tentatively settling on a contract that already included significant pay raises.


The two sides had agreed Tuesday on pay raises of 4.1 percent on average for the 90 percent of BPS teachers who are rated “highly effective” and 6.5 percent for the nearly one-half of teachers entering their 12th year or later with the district.  If teachers vote to ratify the contract before the Oct. 29 school board meeting, the board could approve the contract, and BPS could deliver pay increases before the Thanksgiving break.


Brevard teachers also could expect changes to work rules including:


Hurricane-prep time:  If the governor declares a state of emergency that includes Brevard County before a hurricane or tropical storm, teachers will be released early, at the end of student dismissal. This will give teachers more time to prepare their homes and families.


Comp time for hurricane work: Teachers will be awarded compensatory time off for doing pre- and post-hurricane preparation at schools that serve as hurricane shelters if that work eliminates planning time.


More bereavement leave: Teachers will be allowed three days of leave after the death of a family member, up from one day.


Higher pay for exceptional education staff:  ESE support specialists and ESE support facilitators will receive a $835 increase in pay in the form of a recurring supplement. (ESE teachers received the increase for 2018-2019.)


The Brevard County School Board and Superintendent Mark Mullins had said they were determined to negotiate the most competitive pay raise for teachers in Central Florida.  For thousands of Brevard educators, the agreed-upon salary raises for 2019-2020 will be bigger than in neighboring school districts, as a percentage increase and in real dollars. (See a breakdown of raises HERE.)


A detailed list of contract changes will be posted in a “fact sheet” on the school district’s website.