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Reminder: Health and Safety Protocols for School Board Meetings


School Board Meeting Health and Safety Protocols


  • School Board meetings will be held in a manner consistent with other district meetings and activities. 
  • All participants must self-screen for any COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • All participants must wear a face covering when not more than 6 feet from the nearest person.  
  • Visitors will enter the building through the main lobby doors, check in with Customer Care, and utilize the southeast door to the board room.
  • All participants including BPS employees (except for the following) need to check in through the front lobby and acquire a numbered ticket to enter the board room/cafeteria.  (Exceptions: Board Members, Superintendent, Cabinet, Secretary, Audio/Visual, and Security.)
  • Visitors may utilize restrooms located in the hallway that leads to the southeast board room door.
  • Visitors are not to access other parts of the building or interior patios.
  • Visitors are not to move seats which are arranged over markers on the floor. 
  • Food and drink are prohibited. 
  • All participants are encouraged to regularly utilize available hand-sanitizer.