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School Board Approves Resolution; Voters Will Decide Millage Increase

Viera, FL --- The School Board voted 4-1 Tuesday evening to approve a Millage Resolution, which will put a Millage increase question on the November ballot.


The Superintendent is recommending that the Board ask voters whether they approve a 1 Mill increase in property taxes to provide teachers and support staff competitive compensation.  It would also improve academic programs such as career and technical education (CTE), early childhood staffing and other student programs.

The state legislature has mandated a steady decline of the Required Local Effort millage rate since 2008, from 5.283 to 3.602. The education funds available for the operating expenses through traditional means, such as the state funding formula and the required local millage option, are not sufficient to provide competitive compensation and benefits, provide adequate support programs for students and to meet rising operational costs.


Click here to read the Millage Resolution

Brevard Public Schools currently has the second most experienced teacher workforce in Florida, providing high quality learning opportunities for Brevard’s students. However, the national, regional, and local labor shortages are affecting Brevard's ability to serve students as critical instructional and operational positions remain unfilled. Funding is needed to increase teacher and staff compensation to recruit and retain a highly qualified workforce.

If approved by the voters, just as has been the case with our other voter referenda, an independent citizen’s oversight committee will be formed to regularly review all expenditures.

Below are the goals for using the additional funding:

  • Goal 1: Academic Excellence – Provide every student a learning environment that empowers them to reach their full potential.
    • Objective A2. Ensure every student is taught by certified, skilled teachers who hold high expectations for all learners.
  • Goal 2: Exceptional Workforce – Attract, develop, and retain exceptional talent to impact academic excellence.
    • Objective E1. Recruit a diverse pool of candidates for all classification of positions within Brevard Public Schools.
    • Objective E3. Retain a diverse pool of candidates for all classifications of positions within Brevard Public Schools
    • Objective E4. Develop and provide long-term compensation and benefits package and benefits for all employees.