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BPS Offers 4% Raise for Teachers and Recruitment & Retention Pay for Priority Schools

Viera, FL – Brevard Public Schools came to the contact negotiation table today with the largest salary raise offer since 2016 at 4%, in addition to the previously negotiated and ratified $3,400 to $4,400 in one-time premium pay for teachers.


The BFT president declined to accept the offer of a 4% raise. This year the district has the one-time opportunity to be more flexible with veteran teacher salaries, and BPS provided a tiered approach that would have allowed those teachers with the most years of service to be rewarded financially. The union negotiating team countered with a flat non-tiered approach affecting all teachers with six (6) or more years equally. BPS is disappointed that the union’s team chose not to recognize veteran teachers for their years of service.


Also today, the union chose not to accept BPS’ offer to give teachers at the district’s 26 priority schools between $2,000 and $3,000 in one-time recruitment and retention pay. The union leader has discussed the need for better staff recruitment and retention practices for months. However, when BPS provided a strategy, the union leader chose not to accept BPS’ idea.


The district has already agreed to the following:


  • 10 days paid parental leave
  • $45 for teachers to cover a class during their planning time
  • $1,200 FRS eligible supplement for teachers on the performance pay salary schedule at the start of their 11th year
  • $2,500 supplement for ESE support specialists

Under BPS’s proposal, the starting teacher's salary this year would have been $49,082.


Contract talks will resume on July 27th.