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Heart of Brevard: Former Student Returns to School that Changed His Path


When Jesse Travis attended Viera High School he wasn't exactly on the path he is today. He was a self-proclaimed trouble maker who would act out in school, even taking off his shoes and walking around without them in order to gain attention. That all changed when he started taking an art class at the school in the CTE program. 


Travis' teacher quickly saw his potential and sat him down for a talk. Travis heard his teacher and realized he was right - he did have talent and he needed to clean up his act and embrace his skills if he wanted to make a career in art. 


Skip forward a few years and look at Mr. Tavis now - a VHS graduate, working on his two-year degree, selling his art through his own business, AND being contracted to paint a mural at his former high school. Travis has also painted at other BPS schools and will return to VHS to do another mural in the future. 


Jesse Travis hopes to inspire other students to see their talents and follow their passion because it can lead to a fulfilling career after graduation. 


From the Heart of Brevard, thank you Jesse Travis!