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BPS Increases Salary Offer to Teachers and Agrees on Bonuses for Priority Schools

Viera, FL – Brevard Public Schools and the teacher’s union made progress Wednesday during six hours of contract talks that included BPS increasing its salary raise offer to 4.15% for teachers.


Both sides also agreed on recruitment and retention bonuses for teachers at priority schools. Teachers at Tier 2 schools will get $2,000 and teachers at Tier 3 schools will get $3,000. The district and the union also agreed to a $5,000 recruitment and retention bonus for teachers at Gardendale Separate Day School.


During talks, both sides came to an agreement on health insurance that would include $300 being given to all eligible employees in an FSA account.


The district has already agreed to the following:


  • $3,400 to $4,400 in one-time premium pay for teachers (Already Ratified)
  • 10 days paid parental leave
  • $45 for teachers to cover a class during their planning time
  • $1,200 FRS eligible supplement for teachers on the performance pay salary schedule at the start of their 11th year
  • $2,500 supplement for ESE support specialists

Contract talks will resume on July 29th.