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BPS and Teachers’ Union Reach Tentative Agreement on New Contract

Viera, FL – Brevard Public Schools and the Brevard Federation of Teachers union came to a tentative contract agreement Friday that includes an average of a 4.2% raise for teachers.


The tentative agreement raises the minimum base starting teacher salary to $48,725 and includes several types of payments for our teachers. They include:

  • Highly Effective pay for performance teachers will get $1,400
  • Effective or Grandfathered teachers will get $1,050
  • Teachers with BPS from six to 13 years will earn an additional $850
  • Teachers with BPS 14 years or longer will earn an additional $1,250
  • Lead Mentor teachers and teachers who mentor two or more new teachers will see their supplement increase to $1,000 (this year only)
  • Teachers who mentor one new teacher will see their supplement increase to $500 (this year only


Earlier this week, BPS and BFT agreed to recruitment and retention bonuses for teachers at priority schools. Teachers at Tier 2 schools can earn up to $2,000 and teachers at Tier 3 schools can earn up to $3,000. The district and the union also agreed to a $5,000 recruitment and retention bonus for teachers at Gardendale Separate Day School. Both sides also agreed on health insurance that will include $300 being given to all eligible employees in a Flexible Spending Account.


During earlier contract talks the district agreed to the following:


  • $3,400 to $4,400 in one-time premium pay for teachers (Already Ratified)
  • 10 days paid parental leave
  • $45 for teachers to cover a class during their planning time
  • $1,200 FRS eligible supplement for teachers on the pay for performance salary schedule at the start of their 11th year (previously began in 12th year)
  • $2,500 supplement for ESE support specialists


Both sides also agreed on language on compensatory time. This is only a tentative agreement, BFT members must ratify the agreement. If that happens, the School Board would need to approve the agreement.