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UPDATE: Video Message Regarding Artemis 1 Launch

UPDATE: Video Message Regarding Artemis 1 Launch

 Video Message Here

UPDATE: Message to Parents Regarding Artemis 1 Launch

Hello BPS Families,

Next week marks a momentous occasion in our community. The NASA Artemis 1 launch is scheduled to take place on Monday, August 29, with the two-hour launch window opening at 8:33 am.


This is a historic moment for our community, drawing attention from across the globe. What an exciting, and busy, time to live on the Space Coast!



BPS schools will remain open on Monday, August 29. However, we understand and fully anticipate traffic could be difficult. We are in regular contact with law enforcement and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Their expectation is that traffic before the launch will be heavy, but manageable. Traffic is expected to be the busiest after the launch window has closed. Law enforcement and the EOC say they expect delays of roughly two hours, as people leave from where they watched the launch. The good news is traffic is expected to be close to normal by the time our schools release for the day, meaning our school buses and parents picking up their children should be able to avoid the worst of the traffic issues.



We will be running our regular bus routes on Monday. There will be some route adjustments and modifications, but there will be no change to existing bus stops. Like every school day, our Bus Bulletin notification system will push notices to parents, alerting them to any delays along their student’s route.



We advise you to begin making arrangements now to best accommodate your family’s needs. If this means you will be keeping your child at home for the day, they will receive a parent’s excused absence. We request that you make your student’s school aware of your intent as soon as possible.



We will also be coordinating communication with law enforcement and the EOC throughout the day on Monday. We will send district-wide, timely notifications to parents via email and will be posting those updates on the district’s Facebook page:



Again, this is an exciting time for our entire community. However, it will come with some logistical challenges that we will have to work through together. We are fully committed to keeping you as apprised as possible and will continue to work in cooperation with our law enforcement partners to support our families, students, and schools.

Please continue to monitor and our social media channels for updates over the next week. The Brevard County Emergency Management Facebook page is also a good resource: Here is a link to a PSA video they posted about the launch: