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The Dr. Mukesh & Vanita Gaglani Scholarship

BPS is thrilled to announce the Dr. Mukesh & Vanita Gaglani Scholarship and West Shore Teacher & Staff Scholarship! 


The Dr. Mukesh & Vanita Gaglani Scholarship is named after the parents of Shiv Gaglani and his sister, Dr. Anushka Gaglani. Shiv graduated from West Shore in 2006 and Anushka graduated from Cocoa Beach International Baccalaureate in 2002. After graduating from Harvard College, Shiv began medical school at Johns Hopkins, where he co-founded This popular learning platform educates millions of students, healthcare professionals, patients, families, and the general public worldwide. A dentist and fellow entrepreneur, Anushka is co-founder & CEO of Areo Dental Group in Chicago, which runs half-a-dozen dental practices and counting. 


Together Shiv and Anushka wanted to give back to Brevard students, teachers, and parents by setting up two scholarships. The first, named after their parents, Dr. Mukesh & Vanita Gaglani, who immigrated from India to Africa to the United States, recognizes parental figures who have shaped the lives of BPS students. The second, named after West Shore Teachers & Staff, honors the teachers and staff members who helped shape Shiv’s journey at West Shore and beyond. In particular, Shiv was influenced by Mrs. Annie Nery, who helped instill in him a core discipline for overcoming challenges; the late Mr. Jim Melia, who believed anything was possible and in the importance of having fun at work; and Mrs. Sherie Jenkins, who cultivated his love for science and research that ultimately influenced his entrepreneurial journey.


The key requirement of the application is to write a letter of appreciation to your parents, parental figures, or a teacher or staff member articulating the lessons you’ve learned from them and why you’re appreciative. In addition, each applicant will receive complimentary access to advice and strategies around building stronger relationships and other personal & professional development topics – the successful implementation of which will be worth far more than any scholarship.


To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a Brevard Public School student, complete the application on time, and provide meaningful responses. Each scholarship comes with a $5,000 cash prize, half of which will be awarded to the winning student and the other half to their parents/parental figures or teacher/staff member who is the subject of their letter of appreciation. Finally, at least one student from West Shore will be awarded a scholarship.


Applications are due February 1, 2023, at 11:59 pm ET. 

The awards will be announced in May.


Submit Applications here: 

Featured in the photo from left to right: 


West Shore’s Principal Rick Fleming and AP Glenn Webb, Dr. Mukesh Gaglani, West Shore Math Teacher Annie Nery, West Shore College Specialist Angela Feldbush, Mrs. Vanita Gaglani, and Shiv Gaglani.