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Space Coast Odyssey of the Mind

Space Coast Odyssey of the Mind held its 33rd Regional Tournament on Saturday, February 18, 2023, at Viera High School. Teams from across Brevard and even one from Volusia County showcased their talents in creative problem-solving. The 56 teams worked for months to solve their selected long-term problem:


  • Vehicle - Pirates and the Treasure: 13 teams
  • Technical - Because iCan: 7 teams
  • Classical - Classics…The Walls of Troy: 8 teams
  • Structure - Where’s the Structure?: 9 teams
  • Performance - The Most Dramatic Problem Ever!!!: 13 teams
  • Primary - Dinos on Parade: 7 teams


Teams are divided into divisions based on grade level and only compete against those in their division. The competitive divisions are Division 1 (3rd - 5th), Division 2 (6th - 8th), Division 3 (9th - 12th), and non-competitive (Primary K - 2nd). We had no Division 4 (collegiate) teams in the competition but we have high hopes for the future.


In addition to competing in the long-term problem, each team had to participate in Spontaneous Problem-Solving. Teams were given a problem and had only minutes to solve it by working cooperatively. The problem given could have been a verbal problem, a hands-on problem, or a combination of verbal and hands-on. Throughout the year, teams practiced solving all types of spontaneous problems with the hope that the skills learned could be used on competition day. Mum is the word when it comes to the Spontaneous Problem given to a team at competition.


One of the biggest tenets of Odyssey of the Mind is for team members to receive no Outside Assistance in solving their long-term problems. This means that only the 5-7 team members can build their props, make their costumes, paint scenery, write their script, build devices, balsa wood structures, and vehicles, and complete any of the other numerous tasks needed to solve the problem. They have 8 minutes to present their solution in front of a panel of judges and their proud coaches, family members, and other audience members. During Spontaneous, the 5-7 team members solve their presented problem with only the judges observing them.


Of the 56 teams that competed, 38 will be heading to Orlando for the State Tournament at the Orange County Convention Center on Saturday, April 8, 2023. Wish these teams well on their possible journey to the World Finals at Michigan State, to be held May 24 - 27.